Welcome to Advocacy First


Advocacy First will be helping vulnerable people throughout the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Our Advocates will we working as normal, but taking referrals and helping clients BY PHONE ONLY and not in person.

We apologise for any inconvenience but the Trustees feel it is in the best interests of our Advocates to be away from any risks so they can continue to be effective.

All clients will still receive outstanding service - but only by phone.

Our phone number is 020 8460 6712

An advocate will listen, understand, support and speak out on behalf of people who cannot speak for themselves.

This is the foundation of the work carried out at Advocacy First.

Advocacy First is an independent, locally based charity established in 1998 helping people in the Bromley area.

It offers a free and confidential service, working in partnership with local authorities and other organisations.

We aim to ensure that people have easy access to advocacy services, which can range from short-term help and support, to the support of self-advocacy.

We offer our services for patients in the London Borough of Bromley who are in hospital.