About Us

You talk, We listen

We work in partnership with other organisations where appropriate; creating a network of help in resolving many of the problems society faces today.

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Our Services

Care Home Advocacy

Support for all people living within the community. We will visit people in their own home, day centres or an appointment can be made.

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Our Services

Continuing Care Advocacy

This service offers support for patients in hospital, for people aged nineteen and over. An Advocate helps resolve various problems associated with their treatment.

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Welcome to Advocacy First

An advocate will listen, understand, support and speak out on behalf of people who cannot speak for themselves.

This is the foundation of the work carried out at Advocacy First.

Advocacy First is an independent, locally based charity established in 1998.

It offers a free and confidential service, working in partnership with local authorities and other organisations.

We aim to ensure that people have easy access to advocacy services, which can range from short-term help and support, to the support of self-advocacy.

We offer our services for people in the community, patients in hospital, and people in care-and nursing homes in the London Borough of Bromley.

Who We Are & What We Do

  • Advocacy First cannot act in legal matters
  • Advocacy first cannot give financial advice
  • Advocacy First cannot give detailed benefit entitlement advice
  • For legal and insurance reasons, Advocacy First is unable to provide transport for clients.


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